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Tasting, aperitifs and lunch snacks

Tastings, Aperitifs and Lunch Snacks Since 1907 Antico Caffè San Giorgio Specialties Almond Wine And Sicilian Products…

Aperitifs and tastings

Tastings, Aperitifs and Lunch Snacks Since 1907 Antico Caffè San Giorgio Specialties Almond Wine And Sicilian Products…

It is mandatory to cross the threshold of the “Antico Caffè San Giorgio” in Castelmola for an unrepeatable experience to discover the warm and elegant atmosphere of this historic venue, where the love for Sicilian perfumes and the passion for wine is contained in the its specialty Almond Wine, an elixir of love, an infusion of flavors and fragrances created in the early 1900s by its founder Don Vincenzo Blandano.

Caffè San Giorgio offers its guests a fascinating journey, through the tasting of this almond wine, to discover colours, scents, flavors and sensations that involve body and soul.

A journey also to discover the typical products of the area.

All guests on the day of their stay will be invited to a free tasting of our product of excellence, the “Almond Wine Il Blandanino”. But we won’t just stop at our specialty…. You can also taste our typical almond sweets, almond and pistachio crunchies, almond and pistachio nougat, citrus fruit jams and honeys, almond, pistachio and hazelnut, Sicilian liqueurs, Modica chocolate, salted creams and pestos.

The idea stems from the need to be in greater contact with our customers, offering them the opportunity to enjoy it on our splendid panoramic terrace overlooking Taormina together with traditional Sicilian products. It is possible to carry out guided tastings for groups of wines and typical products both in the internal rooms and in the splendid terraces of the Café from which you can enjoy an extraordinary view of the Ionian Sea, Taormina and the Calabrian coast.

Tasting a glass of a good Blandanino Almond Wine is like savoring the very essence of these places, of the sun and the earth that created it, of the centuries and traditions it has been kept by, of its creator and the passion of men who made it big.

The Antico Caffè San Giorgio also offers wonderful tastings of Almond Wine for groups accompanied by Tastings of typical Sicilian products or Break-Coffee and Lunch-Snack. The Antico Caffè San Giorgio offers wonderful breakfasts based on typical Sicilian granitas… It also offers small snacks and very tasty menus of the day with typical rustic dishes for a light, tasty and quick lunch break…

Tasting is the first real approach to the universe of wine and more specifically to what we find in our glass. Immersing our eyes, sinking our noses and filling our hearts with wine is something exclusive that makes drinking one of those few pleasures that involves so many senses at the same time.

For those like us who were born and raised in Sicily, they have had countless times the opportunity to understand and appreciate the characteristics that make this region one of the most beautiful in Italy and one of the best known. For this reason, it is with great enthusiasm that we want to make our specialties and our traditions known to all citizens of the world, especially in the small villages where you can still breathe an ancient air and the culture of slow living survives. Sicily is also told through its fine wines which over the centuries have kept intact the secrets of their character and the delicacies of its gastronomic and confectionary specialties which characterize our territory and make it unique in the world.